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Ahh, good to be back.


Back in the saddle here in the big Wy-O.

And look what showed up at my door: Welcome to the family Clara Lynn.

Born on her mama's birthday, Clare has already made the maiden voyage down the North Platte at the helm of a drift boat, howled at stoneflies on the Miracle Mile and scared two hounds straight - no funny business from those two anymore.

By all estimates she's going to be a hurricane of a girl.




Late-season Colorado elk

In late October, three of us set out to get to know a piece of country near Carbondale, Colorado known as the Thompson Divide. The goal was two-fold: One, spend a few days traipsing around to get a feel for the place and two, fill a couple of elk tags.

Miles down and two steep descents through some of the hariest undergrowth in the west, one in the light and one in the dark, guess which goal was accomplished. Whoever said there were elk peering from behind every tree in Colorado clearly never hunted elk.

Aaron Kindle and Shane Cross look at a map of the Thompason Divide area.Packing in gear.Snow rolling in.Beers after work.A patch of blue, but not for long.Walking into camp.Bear prints.Old aspen groves and conifers dominate the Thompson Divide area.Hidden waterfall.


New frontiers

After more than a decade in the newspaper business, I hung up my press pass this fall and took day job with Trout Unlimited. I figured I had harped long enough on conserving some of the great spaces of the west that, in the scary times in which we live, it was time to shut-up and do something about it.

Exciting? Yes. Sad? A little. But alas, life moves forward, right? Perhaps the most painful part was handing in the thousands of dollars worth of photo gear I had been absolutely spoiled rotten with over the years. Goodbye 400mm lens. Goodbye wide angle. How I will miss thee.


New lenses have arrived, and they're beauties! Photos of new adventures to come: Think elk hunters in Colorado, steelhead in Oregon, and for those who still read, the saga of the mule deer...


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